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Returns and Exchanges​​​​​​​

No Returns or Exchanges unless it applies to the following below:

- if there is any physical damage to the product (proof of damages must be sent to us within 2 days of receiving your parcel)*

* we won't accept returns of damaged crisps due to their fragile nature. Crisp that have been opened during transit will be refunded or exchanged provided there is proof of this.    

- if we have sent out the wrong item (proof of incorrect item must be sent to us within 2 days of receiving your parcel)*

*the item must be sealed and not opened for us to accept the return or exchange. 

Please email us at for enquiries and proof of damages 

If your order meets these terms for a return or exchange please email us at with your reason and proof of any damages. Then once we receive your order an investigation will take place and we will notify you on the status of your enquiry and if successful a refund will be in place within 14 working days. 

Clearance items can not be refunded or exchanged. 

Products that are pasted there best before date will be stated on the website and these items can not be refunded or exchanged. 


Please allow ​​1-2 working days to process your order

Please allow 2 -3 working days for your parcel to be received. 

Please be aware that due to extreme weather conditions chocolates may melt and we won't be held responsible. 

Due to extreme and unexpected weather conditions we may hold your order until these conditions improve, if you would still like your parcel sent straight away please email us at*

* if you approve your order going out straight away in the uncertain conditions, we won't we held accountable for any damages such as melted chocolate. 

Next day delivery only applies from when the parcel is collected by the courier. Please allow ​​1-2 working days to process your order. *

Next Day Delivery with DHL only applies from when DHL collect the parcels from our store. Please allow DHL 1 working day to collect the parcel from the store. *

*we won't be held responsible for delays from any couriers including DHL.